CourseAmazon Optimization – Learn the Hidden Tips and Tricks of Amazon to Sell More Books ($67)

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Marketing your book is one of the most challenging aspects that you will encounter, post-publication.
Selling on Amazon allows you to reach hundreds of millions of Amazon customers. Through our video author training series you'll learn how to master Amazon and learn the tips and tricks of best-selling authors.

Do you ant to learn how to get 20 book reviews during launch week, hit the top 100 list, reach #1 in your category, substantially increase number of reviews, and ultimately get your books into the hands of readers? Then this Amazon intensive is for you.

Video training series on:

1) How to put together your marketing plan
2) How to reach out to bloggers and get 20 reviews within first week of launch on Amazon
3) How to find and get Amazon top reviewers to review your book
4) How to get press for your book
6) Why and how to optimize your Amazon categories and keywords
7) How to find hidden Amazon categories and keywords
8) How to hit #1 in your Amazon category for your book by running book sales

Also, included:
1) Email templates
2) Sample marketing plan of an author who successfully got 83 reviews and reached #1 in her category
3) 10 author training videos

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