ProductMasterclass – An SEO Strategy that Converts to Book Sales

At every conference we attend, the most common question is “How do I get visibility for my book or website?”

One good way is by having an SEO strategy that converts into book sales.

Seo masterclass

We’ve helped countless authors with their SEO optimization and combined all our learnings into one SEO MASTERCLASS. In the class you’ll learn tips and techniques on how to up your rank in Google and other search engines TO SELL MORE BOOKS.

SEO MASTERCLASS OVERVIEW: Implement an SEO Strategy that converts into book sales.

Google is a powerful and mysterious tool. Many don’t understand what goes on in the black box that is Google. Let us take some of the mystery out of SEO for you. There are specific actions you can take to optimize your site so that you can rank higher on Google
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In this lesson, you will learn the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how to up your rank in Google and other search engines as an author.

You’ll learn the following in 15 easy-to-digest videos:

  • Why Google and SEO isimportant for authors
  • How search works
  • An overview of ranking and algorithms
  • The nitty gritty of sitemaps, site structure and robots.txt
  • How to index your site correctly in all the major search engines
  • The difference between on site optimization and off site optimization
  • Demystify meta data and meta tags, keywords, and alt tags
  • How to write for discoverability (SEO copyrighting)
  • Get links to your blog and link out effectively to get more traffice
  • Learn about inbound and outbound links
  • How to build relationships and implement a linking strategy
  • Make sure your site is mobile-optimized so you don’t get dinged by Google
  • Leverage social media and make your content viral
  • How to do effective content marketing
  • Tools to help you implement SEO
  • How to measure success
  • Templates and exercise worksheets included

Don’t be satisfied with a sub-par Google ranking. Order this SEO Masterclass today and learn the insiders’ trick of the trade that will help get you to the top of the page and achieve the visibility you want.

About the instructor:

Miral Sattar is currently CEO of Bibliocrunch. Miral has worked in the media industry for 15 years, most recently at TIME Magazine where she developed and implemented the digital SEO strategy that enabled TIME to be one of the most trafficked sites in the industry. Miral has lectured at Yale, NYU, CUNY, Pace, and other universities across America and helped numerous authors market their books and hit #1 in their categories on Amazon.  She and her writing have been featured in TIME, CNN, WSJ, NYTIMES, NY Daily News, among other media publications. She has a MS in Publishing (Digital + Print Media) from NYU and a BS from Columbia University in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.  You can catch her on Twitter at @Miralsattar.



Masterclass - An SEO Strategy that Converts to Book Sales