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Are you contemplating self-publishing? Do you want to understand how it works and how to do it successfully? Are you a traditionally published author who needs some marketing help?


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Want to learn how to hit the top charts on Amazon and decipher Amazon SEO? Need to know everything about successfully self-publishing a book?

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  • Need help putting together your print book, ebook, or audiobook?
  • Need an editor to give you professional feedback on your draft, a writing coach to help you get started, or an expert to evaluate your manuscript?
  • Looking for a jacket designer to make your book stand out?
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  • Looking for help with Amazon optimization to sell books?

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Just need a little support? Or need to come up with a plan for your book? (In-person NYC consultations are on pause). Book a virtual consultation session. Fill out this form and we will schedule a 15-minute free call before we book.

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People absolutely love WORKING WITH US

“I had the good fortune of working with Miral on the publication of my novel, The Boy and the Lake. Miral designed and implemented a smart, thoughtful and effective marketing plan that combined digital advertising, outreach to online book tours, and promotion on leading book platforms. Miral has a deep knowledge of the data and strategy behind digital book marketing, and she understands how to best invest precious marketing dollars and drive book sales. I recommend her highly.”

— Adam Pelzman, Author of The Boy and the Lake

“Miral knows how to reach readers through a mix of innovative marketing strategies and a thorough understanding of how to position books. She's a passionate reader who uses some kind of alchemy to connect authors with the readers who will appreciate their work. She's smart, conscientious, no-nonsense and I've been so impressed with the results she's gotten for my clients.”

— DeeDee Debartlo, Celebrity Book Publicist

“The Learn Self-Publishing Fast Series is an incredibly helpful tool for any author. I am a huge fan of education and I have always said that the educated author makes better and smarter choices. Get on here now and start learning. There's tons of great and helpful information that will help you succeed!”

— Penny C. Sansevieri, CEO & Adjunct Professor NYU

“I didn’t realize how crucial getting reviews and press are for a book until I participated in Miral’s webinar. I’m so glad I discovered it because it gave me the motivation, knowledge, and even the script of how to get those reviews. Thanks to her, within two days of my book launch, I already had seven reviews!”

— Adam Katz, Author

“I found Miral’s excellent course chock-full of actionable and easy information for how to boost subscriber numbers and increase market share. A great starter kit for moving forward with a solid marketing plan. Thanks, Miral!”

— Cheri Lasota, Author

“I was very pleased with the publicity Miral created--her team made a big difference for me and I'm happy to recommend her to other writers.”

— Max Byrd, Author of Pont Neuf