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Welcome! I’m Miral Sattar.


I will teach you how to sell more books by leveraging the best-selling tech tips, tricks, strategies and platforms so you can become a top authority in your niche.

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Book stores are dying and authors are selling less and less books…

Hi, I’m Miral, founder of and I help authors and aspiring authors to sell more books by utilizing technology to stay on the cutting edge of the digital revolution.

Ask yourself this question: How many books have you bought in the last year compared to 10-15 years ago?

I’m willing to bet a whole lot less. In fact, it used to be a sign of pride to have a bookshelf filled with books we love and have read for guests in our home to see.

But things have changed and are changing even more drastically especially for us authors who have dreams of selling enough books to make an impact and secure our financial futures.

And although authors are selling less books and bookstores are all but dead…

You have a greater chance of positioning yourself to become a best-selling author today, than ever before!

Inside this website, I share the best tips, tricks and strategies to help you sell more books by utilizing technology to stay on the cutting edge of the ever changing digital revolution.

And yes, you can still become one of the best-selling authors on Amazon, Audible and wherever books are sold with the right steps and plan.

Here are just a few topics you’ll learn here:

  • Self Publish a Book from A-Z
  • Sell More Books By Leveraging Google and SEO
  • Leverage Voice Search to Sell Books
  • Market Your Book With our Book Marketing Intensive
  •  Maximize Sales on Amazon
  • Master Social Media as an Author
  • Run a Book Sale and get More Readers

So take a look around, start where you feel most comfortable and reach out if I can answer any questions.

Committed to your success.

Alright, ready?  Okay.  Check out our plans & pricing.

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About the instructor: Miral Sattar

I’m Miral Sattar. I offer author tech training programs that have been attended by thousands of people around the world. What makes me qualified to teach? I have worked in media for over 15 years, most recently at TIME Magazine where I developed and implemented the digital SEO strategy that enabled TIME to be one of the most trafficked sites in the industry. I have lectured at Yale, NYU, CUNY, Pace, and other universities and have helped numerous authors market their books and hit number 1 in their categories. I have an M.S. in publishing from NYU and a B.S. from Columbia University in electrical engineering and computer science.

“I found Miral’s excellent course chock full of actionable and easy information for how to boost subscriber numbers and increase market share. A great starter kit for moving forward with a solid marketing plan. Thanks, Miral”

— Cheri Lasota, author