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BiblioCrunch Residency Program – All Aboard!

Feel uncomfortable about signing up for the Amtrak Residency program and still want a free ride? You can still write without worrying about what you’re giving away.
We’re giving away an Amtrak long distance roundtrip train ride from NYC to Florida.  You  get to pick either Orlando or Miami.
*Update 3/12/14* if you don’t live in NYC or Florida and still want to participate, we are hoping to add more cities soon!
To enter, just become a free BiblioCrunch member and fill out the application form and enter our RaffleCopter. We’ll review it and let you know whether you’ve won. We’re accepting applications through the end of August 2014 (we’ve extended the deadline).
We want to be absolutely clear that we don’t retain rights to anything  you own. We believe authors should always retain their rights and should always always read the terms for any site/contest they join.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 11.40.45 PM

Good luck!
Miral Sattar
Founder & CEO
@miralsattar on Twitter
Help us spread the word by tweeting to #BiblioCrunchResidency #AmtrakResidency

Sponsor a writer!
Want to be a sponsor and help us get more writers get an Amtrak residency that doesn’t
take away rights to their work? Email bizdev at bibliocrunch
We want to be absolutely clear that sponsors and BiblioCrunch do not take any rights to the writers work when submitting an application or upon joining BiblioCrunch.


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