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Book-Based Holiday Greeting Cards

The holiday season is the time to appreciate the best of what you love.

Well, we love books. So we like books to theme all of our gifts. That’s why we found book-based greeting cards to brighten our holiday season.

  1. Game of Thrones

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This one takes place in winter so its easy to find a bunch of holiday cards, most of them humorous. Since the book and show have big fans, there are a lot of witty cards to choose from so we chose some of our favorites above.

  1. Star Wars

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Technically this was a movie that became a book later on, but the books have their own fame. This book series also has a huge fan base, and therefore a plethora of greeting cards.

  1. Harry Potter

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We all know this is THE holiday movie. Near Christmas, this movie plays NONSTOP on a whole handful of channels. Being one of the most modern iconic books on this list, there is merchandise everywhere. Holiday cards are very easy to find and there is not a single one that isn’t perfect.

  1. Hunger Games

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This isn’t particularly a happy story, but there are enjoyable holiday cards for its fans. Though a much more limited selection then the books listed above, there are still enough to put all your friends and family ever in your favor.

  1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

This is a classic holiday book and movie. Many of Dr. Seuss’ books are made into greeting cards for all times of the year. The Grinch is the iconic anti-Christmas, therefore it is only right to have some pro holiday cards to let people’s hearts grow two sizes.

  1. Wuthering Heights

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This seems to be a book that everyone reads near the holidays. Readers of the book have created some great holiday cards to go along with the story. One even has a plot summary of the book on the front-SPOILERS!

  1. The Nutcracker

Since this is a holiday story, there are tons of holiday cards based on it. Nutcrackers and ballerinas are icons of the holiday. We selected some of our favorites that represent the holidays to us.

  1. Charlie Brown

A lot of these holiday cards are based on A Charlie Brown Christmas. You can get a card for almost every Peanuts character you love, just choose!

  1. Alice in Wonderland

With a whole group of crazy characters, these holiday cards can feature whoever, or whatever, you love from this classic story. Give the Queen of Hearts to the queens in your life, and the Alice’s to all those adventurous family members.

  1. Winnie the Pooh

The-Very-Merriest-Christmas-Card-root-399XG7549_PV.1.XG7549.jpg_Source_Image il_570xN.1079994714_l5rt Holiday-Cards-Winnie-the-Pooh
This is another classic book that has a card for every character, and more. From Christmas trees to gifts of honey, you can find any type of card to fit the personalities of all your card receivers.

  1. Sherlock Homes

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These are great books to read during the holidays, and the holiday cards are a lot of fun. Fans of this amazing series will love the cards full of some of Sherlock’s best book lines.

  1. Chronicles of Narnia

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The most iconic of the movies, the first one, is also one of the most iconic books in the series. The lamppost in the middle of the winter is the iconic Narnia symbol. It also happens to be a perfect holiday card image. Even for your more conservative family members, this book has some classic looking holiday cards.

For any books that you love, there are most likely some holiday cards to go along with them. Search online and find the book-themed card that speaks to you.


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