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Children's Book Gifts for the Holidays

Holidays are the best time for everything: family love, gifts, friend reconnections, parties, and especially-books!

This time of year it’s hard to not reflect on year’s past and always try and improve. One way to help your children improve this year is to improve their love of reading. The holidays are the best time to use the excuse for presents to buy your children books about the holiday spirit. The best way to help your children read more is to get them books they love, and the best way to help prepare them to read properly is through diverse reading. Diverse reading is perfect for this time of year when there are so many holidays going on. Getting your children a plethora of diverse holiday books helps them learn about diversity, while having fun reading a great book. Remember: Books are always the best gifts!

  1. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving by Daphne Pendergrass (Adapter), Charles M. Schulz (Author), Scott Jeralds (Illustrator)

Thanksgiving has passed, but that’s no reason to ignore the potential for a great book about it-especially if it is a Charlie Brown one. Kids are already familiar with Charlie Brown, so this book is an easy read to slip to them without having to convince them its good. These books always have a funny tale, and you and your children can laugh along to Charlie’s silly antics.

  1. Can You Help an Elf? Personalized Book

Personalized books are always the best for holidays. Children love getting books with their names and photos in them. It makes them feel more connected to the story, which in turn makes them more interested in what they are reading. This book is great as a child can follow along Santa and his Elf as they try and outrun the naughty kids trying to catch them. This book allows you to put a child’s name, photo, and even a dedicated message from you (or Santa, himself!). If you want a Christmas gift book, this is a top choice.

  1. The Christmas Story by Robert Sabuda by Robert Sabuda

Another great gift book is a pop-up book. This book has been getting a lot of buzz lately for its skilled pop-up style, which means it is definitely a good gift book for a child or adult who wants to read or learn about the more religious side to Christmas.

  1. Peppa’s Christmas Wish by Scholastic

This is another familiar one for most kids who know the TV star, Peppa Pig. You’re kids will love to follow Peppa around as she finds Santa for her Christmas wish. This is another easy gift buy for children that they already enjoy.

  1. A Hanukkah Bear Personalized Book

What’s the best book gift? A book that literally comes with a gift. Let your child interact with all the traditions of Hanukkah and learn about what the holiday means as they sit in front of their Menorah holding their new toy bear. How much more incentive can they get to read?

  1. The Story of Hannukkah by by Jill Weber (Illustrator) and David A. Adler

For a more traditional route for learning about Hanukkah, this is a great choice. Its cartoon-like animation, mixed with attention-grabbing colors is exactly what would draw a kid to reading it. Read along with your child, or let them read alone-they will enjoy it either way.

  1. Shmelf the Hanukkah Elf by Greg Wolfe

This book is genius in the way it combines both Christmas and Hanukkah. It takes the familiar symbols of Christmas seen in all the stores and movies, and makes it into a Hanukkah story. The fact that this elf is different from his other elves, but still special is a great moral for a child who feels different in school and can learn that its okay to be different. This is a great gift book, especially for a child living in a diverse community.

  1. Crafts for Kwanzaa by Kathy Ross

A craft book is another great book gift for the holidays for children. Kids can learn about Kwanzaa while having fun and using their creativity. This is a great book for kids to bond with each other and parents.

  1. Kwanzaa Personalized Book

Another personalized book, because those are the best gifts for kids, and the best books for them to feel connected to. Here kids can learn all about Kwanzaa while they interact directly with their name in the book.

  1. Night of the Moon by Hena Khan

Though this book focuses on holidays not in December, it is still a great book for the holidays to buy for your child. This book talks about multiple Muslim holiday’s which is great for teaching children about more of the religion. It’s illustrations are absolutely amazing and the artwork itself makes it worth it to buy. Reading this with children will keep them engaged as they learn.

  1. Sam and the Lucky Money by Karen Chinn, Cornelius Van Wright (Author), Ying-Hwa Hu (Author)

This book is about the New Year and more of a general holiday book. It contains holiday morals including understanding right from wrong and giving back, which are essential morals for the holiday season. This book is great for any parent wanting to teach their child good, loving morals.

  1. Celebration of Light by by Nancy Luenn  (Author), Mark Bender (Illustrator)

This is another much more general book about learning how lights come into play in holidays all over the world. It’s a great book to teach about diverse cultures, understanding celebrations, and even great for teaching your child about different places all around the world. This book is being a world traveler from your own bedside table, and that makes it a very powerful book.
No matter what or who you celebrate this holiday, remember to love your family, give back, AND BUY LOTS OF BOOKS!


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