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Learn the Hidden Tips and Tricks of Amazon to Sell More Books

Marketing your book is one of the most challenging aspects that you will encounter, post-publication. In this course you'll learn how to master Amazon and learn how best-selling authors reach millions of users.


How to Put Together a Marketing Plan

Creating a marketing plan is vital to the promotion of your book. It is the master strategy that will help get your book where want it- in the hands of your target audience.


How to Request and Get Reviews for your Book

Everything about reviews. How to get reviews from Amazon Top Reviewers, bloggers and where to find them. How to extract email addresses for Amazon Top Reviewers. Sample templates included.


How to Send your Book to Reviewers

The simplest way to send review copies and the formats you’ll need so readers can get them on their Nook, iPad, Kindle, or Kobo reader.


How to Get Press for Your Book

Easy to implement tips and techniques to reach out to media to get noticed by the press and get maximum exposure for your book.


Increasing Your Visibility on Amazon

The simple techniques that authors can implement right away to make your book discoverable on Amazon. Add these skills to your wheelhouse to benefit your overall marketing plan and improve the visibility of your author brand and each title.


Why Should You Optimize on Amazon

Learn why Amazon is the place to be for authors looking to maximize visibility and understand how Amazon's search engine can help you get in front of as many readers as possible.


How to Optimize Your Amazon Categories

Learn how to get your book listed in more than just the 2 genres available to you on your KDP dashboard and discover the benefits of listing your book in a smaller category. Also, learn how to unlock the secret Amazon categories.


How to Optimize Your Amazon Keywords

Leverage Amazon keywords for maximum exposure. This lesson will also teach you how to unlock Amazon’s hidden categories.


How to Setup and Maximize your Amazon Author Central Page

How to leverage features on your Amazon Author Page to connect with more readers. Learn how to link your books, connect your Author Central Page to your blog's RSS feed, add videos, events, and more.


How to Rank Higher in Google Search with SEO

Why you need to optimize for Google and not just Amazon.