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Memorial Day Reads!

Get ready for Memorial Day weekend!

Memorial day weekend is always filled with fun barbeques and the gathering of family. Our list last year really focused on some great books for that time of year. But its also important to remember what the holiday is based on. Here are some books below from children’s, to YA, to adult that celebrate this memorable holiday.

  1. Memorial Day Surprise by Theresa Golding (Author), Alexandra Artigas (Illustrator) 

This is a cute book about a family who goes together to a Memorial Day parade. It has a really good feeling about family and getting together for the holidays. The whole book the family is watching the parade and little Marco wishes that his grandfather could be there for it. He gets a surprise that he did not expect.

  1. Let’s Get Ready for Memorial Day by Lloyd G. Douglas (Author)

A more direct book about the holiday, a little girl prepares for Memorial Day with her class, and learns all about the holiday. Later, she goes with her father to a war memorial to learn more. This story also has a great sense of family.

  1. Let Their Spirits Dance by Stella Pope Duarte

This is a story about a family’s journey across America. It starts with a dying mother’s wish to fulfill her deceased son’s promise that she would one day hear his voice again. With her other children at her side, she journeys with them to the Washington, D.C. memorial to touch the wall and hear her son’s voice once more. The story contains a bit of mysticism and spiritualism during the journey. This is another heart wrenching story about love and family.

  1. “The Red Badge of Courage” by Stephen Crane

This one takes place during the Civil War. It is a fictional story written in 1895 about Union solider fleeing from fighting in the Civil War. Eventually he is ashamed of his cowardice and returns to fight. It is a book that has been praised for many years, been made into a movie, and is a book that is still talked about today.

  1. “Thank You For Your Service” by David Finkel

This book focuses on American veterans who are trying to adjust to life back home ten years after their battalion returns from Baghdad. It’s a nonfiction story following the lives of real people and shows real life experiences.

  1. Refresh, Refresh: A Graphic Novel by Benjamin Percy, James Ponsoldt, Danica Novgorodoff (illustrator)

This is a new YA graphic novel about a group of boys who’s fathers are all serving in Iraq. It follows them trying to figure out their lives and how to grow into adulthood with their father figures so far from home. There is a real focus on modern technology in the story as it shows their constant refreshing of emails as they wait for their fathers to write to them via online. It has a very realistic and modern setting.

  1. While He Was Away by Karen Schrek

This YA is actually a love story following a girl who is waiting for her boyfriend to return from war. It follows her as she waits for his return. This book has a great love story feel.
Happy Memorial Day, everyone!


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