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NY Times Authors Partner with Self-Published Authors for a Rare Publishing Opportunity

From inspired to advanced authors, this new opportunity is available for all self-publishing authors.

The NY Times is partnering with it’s best-selling authors to offer a great opportunity for self-published authors. With what may be a one time chance, self-publishers currently have the opportunity to partner with a NY Times best-selling author in order to write and self-publish a book together.
The opportunity offers a unique experience, which can ultimately help a self-published author jump start, or further, their career. This opportunity is said to be as market disruptive as the introduction of the Amazon Kindle a few years ago.
By co-authoring with one of these best-selling authors, a self-published author can gain access to an existing reading audience, bookstore clout, retailer influence and an author platform that would normally take someone years to build. A strategy that is normally used in traditional publishing is now available to all self-published authors of every established level. Where a kindle best seller sells approximately 5,000 copies per month, a New York Times Best-Selling Book can sell over 150,000 copies in print and digital in the same 30-Day time period, which amounts to a difference of about $350,000 in Royalties.
Check out the step-by-step guide of how to apply here.


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