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Publishing News Roundup Series: Author Self Promotion and Social Media

This week we finish digesting Indie ReCon, and learn about how to self promote as an author with out becoming a spam monster.

Here is the latest in our Publishing News Roundup Series:
Standing Up For Conferences

Pic is from a review of Standing Desks… this one goes up and down at the push of a button.
This week I’m still digesting the mega online Indie publishing conference Indie ReCon. I still haven’t caught up with all of the online content, but I’m happy it will stay there for a while. There is so much juicy information there. A big cheer to the behind the scenes team for putting it all together. More than 25,000 people dropped into Indie ReCon last year. I would say that was surpassed this year, hugely!
Porter Anderson, spent some time at the London Book Fair and dropped into The Indie ReCon meet-up at Foyles in London.
Two interesting developments have caught the eye of The Passive Guy this week. The rise of digital reading in China, over 50% of adults are reading online.
And a new bookselling venture in Florida. This one caught my attention as it seems to be taking the showroom bookstore model and tweaking it for Indie Authors. There are lots of comments about how successful this model might be.
I am seeing more Indie authors grouping together to share resources and publish collectively. I’ve been saying this is the way to go for years – this  bookstore selling model seems to take it all a step further.
Authors rarely talk about the hazards of their profession but with J K Rowling tweeting this morning about writers back… (too long sitting in one position,) attention is back on stand-up writing desks. Michael Hyatt blogged about his desk this week and then Nicola Morgan decided to share how she improved her health dramatically in the last month. I’m eyeing up my desk… if I can get to it. It seems to be the repository of the families clutter.
Author websites have been the focus of Joanna Penn’s blog this week. This is an ultra comprehensive post on the subject. You will find yourself coming back again to it. Don’t get overwhelmed as she says… small tweaks.
Joanna has also interviewed Tim Grahl about book titles, productivity, marketing and other stuff.  It’s a wide ranging interview and full of tips.
Last week I linked to Delilah Dawson’s plea about Self Promotion and Social Media. This week staying with this topic Rachel Thompson gives some tips to deal with this stress and not become a spam monster.
In the Craft Section,
Roz Morris on tips for writing when time is scarce (which also has a link to her indie Recon video)
All about Pacing. This is a great post on that tricky craft subject.
Improving your character action beats– great post from K M Weiland
Editing – craft tips
Picking the right editor for each stage of writing.
The ultimate guide to what to do about the boring bitsbetween scenes. Bookmark
In the Marketing Section,
Book design tip– include reviews
Author Newsletters– Bookmark this
Website of the Week
Dropping back into The Book Designer for a guest post on time saving tools for writers
To Finish,
This is one writer’s experience of attending Indie ReCon. I would agree with her. It is always good to meet up with other authors somewhere just to reassure yourself that you are not alone in this writing gig. Although Indie ReCon was amazing, checking in face to face at an author event is also important. We can spend too much time sitting in front of a screen.
I’m off to play around with my writing desk.

Maureen Crisp has been writing her weekly publishing
roundups for over seven years. She is a traditionally published children’s
author as well as indie-published. She lives in New Zealand and is heading the
team organising the 4th National Conference of Children’s Writers and
Illustrators. She is currently trying her hand at writing a children’s book
series if she can drag herself away from forever tweaking her Mars novel or
obsessing over space.


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