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Publishing News Roundup Series – Productivity Tips and the Publishing Cycle

Monday is our publishing news day, and this week we have information from productivity tips to information about how to make the most out of writing critiques. Also, make sure to check out last week‘s blog post series.

Here is this week’s Publishing News Roundup series:

Last week the writing blogosphere was up in arms about that MFA dude and his comments about students doing MFA’s and their talent or lack of it. When people calmed down there was some great writing about talent. Do you need it? Is hard work enough? Melinda Szymanik has a great comment on this.
Kristen Lamb looks at the evolution of the writer from Neophyte to Master and all the stages in between.
Cathy Yardley looks at the publishing cycle… What happens when you get the next big thing? With the publishing lag to bookstore sometimes taking two years how will you know if your genre will still be hot? She has also got a great post on how to prevent publishing agony.
Publishing perspectives has an interesting article on whether US and UK publishing is getting stale. Is this why they are mining the Asian and European market for stories they can translate?
Over the last year Mike Shatzkin (publishing futurist) has had straight up learning curve on the disruption of the publishing industry. Here he identifies the ways publishers need to change their ideas about marketing.
Victoria Mixon has an interesting article about copyright.Yes it applies to blogs. Self publishers need to be very aware of the risks of copying content.
In the Craft Section,
If you have ever wished for writing prompts Reedsy is foryou. Every hour a new one.
World building and the freedom, or not to do this in
speculative fiction.
In the Marketing section.
Joel Friedlander takes a look at the different ways to publish now.
Website of the Week
Joel Friedlander is The Book Designer but if you trawl around his site you find out so much more… from interesting articles on fonts to his amazing Book Design Templates.
To Finish
Jane Friedman has put together a survey for Authors about how they are feeling about their publishers… early indicators are in. It might surprise you.


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