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Publishing News Roundup Series: Which Authors is Kindle Vella Good For?

Reedsy takes a detailed look at Kindle Vella, and notes how it may not be a good choice for every author.

Kindle Vella is the new self-publishing service being talked about. The platform allows for serialized self-publishing which can open up a lot of doors for a lot of authors. It can help them reach the younger market who is already accustomed to online serial platforms and can help an author get their name out there. However, serialized platforms are not for everyone, and authors should take a long look at their personal situation before jumping headfirst into this new publishing structure. Thinking ahead, how will the serialized market incorporate itself into the world of publishing?

Pick and Mix

Pic: Flickr Creative Commons – Paul Wilkinson


What caught my eye in the Publishing World this week,


Reedsy has a very detailed look at Kindle Vella including how the money will work. This is going to be an eyes wide open enter at your own risk program, which will only suit a few authors.


Victoria Strauss of Writer Beware shared a snapshot of a clause in a publishing contract that has everyone flabbergasted. Take a good long look- this is how royalties will be calculated at Cayelle Publishing. 


The Alliance of Independent Authors has a look at all the different ways you can make a living as an author these days. Take a look at this idea that came across my FB feed today. This is subscription serial writing on another level.


In the must-have categoRY,

AppSumo has one of the cheapest deals for stock photo’s around and this deal does not appear often. ($39 for 100 Depositphotos- limited time) I know writers and designers who jump fast on this when it comes up. So move quickly.


Kristine Rusch has compiled an excellent Storybundle of writing craft books. Available now. Storybundle is a pay-what-you-want model. There are some fabulous books in this bundle!


Jane Friedman has an interesting guest post from Lisa Cooper Ellison on inconsistent voices in memoir. How do you keep them all in control when you are writing?


In The Craft Section,

What is an unsympathetic character– Anne R Allen – Bookmark

When you write Second Person Point Of View– Tal Valente

How to write faster– J D Edwin

The main  Hero character archetypes- Tami Nantz- Bookmark

Building the suspension of disbelief– Donal Maass- Bookmark


In The Marketing Section,

Unique promo ideas for May- Penny Sansevieri- Bookmark

How to pick a best-selling title– Barbara Delinsky

Kindle Vella- Is it right for you?- Sandra Beckwith-Bookmark

Great ideas for Book Promotion Contests– Diana Urban

Social media mistakes that can damage your author brand– Penny Sansevieri


To Finish,

I try and keep things upbeat on the blog but I thought I would share with you something that has me muttering epithets. Disinformation campaigns around the Covid Vaccine. I know a few writers who have compromised immune systems, (including myself.) Covid is a nasty constantly mutating disease. Scientists are just beginning to understand that Long Covid symptoms are appearing in 50 % of patients that were hospitalized with Covid 19. The symptoms include organ damage that will last for the rest of their, now shortened, lives. This will be an ongoing burden to health systems worldwide.


The vaccine is a lifeline to everyone to beat this disease and must have a worldwide take up if we are to stop it mutating into strains faster than we can cope with. (See India.) I do not know why there are people who are peddling anti-vaccine stories- but it is not based on proper science. There has been a significant breakthrough in the development of the Covid 19 vaccine that will change the way all future vaccines are made. It has nothing to do with your DNA. It is SAFE. (Scroll down to @xolotl and @siousiewiles science cartoon on how it works.)


When you get the vaccine, You Will Be Saving Lives, especially the immune-compromised, (which includes every person who has had cancer for a start.) 


Put your Superhero cape on and get the Jab. 

Thanks for saving my life!








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