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Why There's Never Been A Better Time To Self-Publish

“There’s never been a better time to self-publish than right now.”

By Guest Contributor Steven Spatz
It’s a statement I often repeat when speaking at writing conferences. The good news is this message is being received loud and clear by thousands of aspiring writers around the world. They’ve completed the journey of taking their manuscript directly to the marketplace. From romance novels to religious books, from children’s titles to nonfiction, every author can succeed with a self-published book.

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Why self-publish? There are lots of compelling reasons, but you only need four:
1. You can and will make more money. A lot more. Self-published eBooks can earn between 60% and 70% in royalties. Your printed books can earn you up to 50% in royalties when you sell direct-to-reader. Now, compare this with the 12% to 20% royalties earned by traditionally-published writers. You may ask, “Are self-published authors actually making money?” Yes. According to recent reports from, as a group, they are making MORE than traditionally-published writers.
2. Self-publishing is fast. It takes weeks, not months or years. Your edited manuscript can be available on major online retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the rest within a few weeks. Meanwhile, it can take 18 to 24 months for your finished manuscript to reach the marketplace at the end of the traditional publishing process. And that doesn’t even count the time-consuming task of finding both the agent and publisher who are willing to take you on as a new author. That alone could take months or even years!
3. You retain control of your book. No contracts or signing away your publishing rights. Self-published authors are the CEOs, making the call on every aspect of their books, from edits to cover design, book reviews to promo. And finally, one reason that may be obvious and yet still very important:
4. You’re guaranteed to be published. Self-publishing is a sure thing. You WILL be published if you go this route. For many that’s a dream in and of itself. For others it’s a start to a literary career. In today’s low-risk traditional publishing environment, it’s the longest of long shots for an unpublished, unknown new author to get that dream publishing deal.
And if you are holding out in hopes of finding an agent and a traditional publishing deal, let me give you one more reason why you should self-publish.
5. The very best way to be discovered by a traditional publisher is to succeed at self-publishing. Authors can make their best first impression on agents and publishers with quality books, a strong work ethic, and practiced promotional skills. I’ve seen hundreds of examples of self-published authors from either BookBaby or elsewhere being signed by huge international publishing houses.
Excerpted and adapted from BookBaby’s latest guide, 5 Steps To Self-Publishing




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