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Be My Guinea Pig, Let Me Help You Grow Your Author Mailing List

Hey, all!
I’m excited to be working on a Bibliocrunch Author Academy class that will show you how to grow your newsletter mailing list and improve your click through rates (CTR).

I’ve implemented a lot of tools and techniques that have helped us grow the Bibliocrunch mailing list. We’ve grown exponentially in the last year, and I’d like to try out some of my techniques on YOU, measure the results and report the learnings in my class.
I strongly believe that if you have amazing content (whether it’s in a blog, or a book) you can increase your exposure. I’d love to make you one of my guinea pig case studies to see if changing small things improves your newsletter open rates.
Do you want to be one of my guinea pigs for a month?
I’m going to be selecting 5 people to work with to do the following:
1) Grow your mailing list
2) Improve newsletter subject lines
3) Review industry averages
4) Improve CTRs
5) Get people to click on your content
6) Do A/B subject line testing.
1) You must have a WordPress blog (other platforms will come later, but right now to keep it simple I am sticking to WordPress blogs).
2) Your WordPress blog must be self-hosted.
3) You must do the homework I assign you on a weekly basis.
4) You must be a Bibliocrunch member to participate. (Membership is FREE, but we have some awesome VIP offerings).
5) You must give me feedback every week.
6) You must use a program like Mailchimp or Aweber to deliver your content.
Just fill out the application here.
Deadline is June 15th, 2015.
Good luck!
Miral Sattar
CEO, Bibliocrunch


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