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Best Cozy Reading Corners of Our Dreams

All of us love to read-of course, but sometimes it’s hard to find a nice quiet place to snuggle in and read.

Everyone has their own little favorite reading place, and in honor of our beloved reading corners, we have collected some of our favorite and most inventive:
1. Bay Window Reading Area
A classic little reading nook area, this bay window view can easily be made for any household. What could be better than a little reading nook with a great view of the outside?
2. Book Reading Water Swing
For a little more of a daring reader, this is a really cool reading spot if you live near water. Of course, this swing can also be placed on land, but when reading an adventure book it could be really exciting to have it over water- though it may be best to only use this with print books to protect your electronics.
3. Book Reading Tent
If you prefer land when reading, here is a great land tent. You can relax on the grass, and the tent netting will protect from the shade and the mosquitos!
4. Bookshelf Stairs and Book Stairs Storage
4a 4b
This is a really spacious way to store your books without taking up any usual space. If you’re like me, a bookshelf just wont fit all of your books. This is a really cool way to have a bookshelf that is really put to good use. Whether storing them within each stair, or underneath in a cool stair’s storage space, it’s a super convenient-and super stylish-way to store your books. Though I wouldn’t suggest lounging on the stairs to read-people do still need to use them.
5. Bookshelf Bunk Bed
This is another really great way to store your books. And you don’t have to go far to reach your reading destination. Its also a great way to have a reading slumber party.
6. Bookshelf Lounge for Adults and Kids
6b 6a
This is a bookshelf that also serves as a lounging area. It’s a cozy little nook where you can just reach over to get all the books you need. And what’s better-they have one for all ages and sizes!
7. Bubble Tent Reading Nook
This is a great reading look for you to enjoy the outside, even when its raining. Its large enough to fit a nice comfy couch or bed in, and is a great reading spot for a day with any weather.
8. Bookshelf Closet
This is a reading nook that can be created in any household. Put that closet full of junk to great use by turning into a little bookshelf reading nook. Add little doors at the bottom and adorn it with a nice comfy cushion to make it your little getaway. This is a great idea for any household, even those small city apartments.
9. Under the Bed Bookshelf
This reading nook is super convenient as well-you don’t even have to get out of bed to use it! Use that empty space under your bed for some useful storage. This is a reader’s bedroom paradise!
10. Bookshelf Chair
This is another cool lounging bookshelf. But this one is best if you prefer to sit up when you read. Its also convenient because you never have to leave the comfort of your chair to reach over for the next book in your series.
11. Bookshelf Treehouse
Treehouses have always been a famous place to have a little childhood getaway. Here’s a more convenient form with much less climbing. Take a few steps up to your cozy little backyard reading house. It’s a great place to read, and also great for some writer’s inspiration.
12. Secret Reading Nook Wardrobe and Cabinet
12a 12b
We saved the most magical little reading nook for last. If you really want to find a nice little private reading place where no one can find you, try this Chronicles of Narnia-feeling book reading nook. Step into your wardrobe into your own little magical reading world.


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