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SEO Masterclass: Leverage Google and SEO to Sell Books

Many don't understand what goes on in the black box that is Google. By implementing an SEO strategy, not only will you rank higher in Google, but will sell more books.

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Introduction to SEO

In this lesson, you will learn the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how to up your rank in Google and other search engines as an author.

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What is SEO? What Does it Mean for Authors?

What is SEO? Why should authors care about SEO and Google? How does SEO increase your internet visibility?

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Ranking and Algorithms Demystified

Everything you wanted to know about PageRank, Google rankings and Algorithms and how they affect your visibility in search results.

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Sitemaps and Site Structure

How to create, manage and update your sitemaps to Google and other search engines. Plus a lesson on robots.txt files.

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What is On Site Optimization – Meta Data and Tags

An overview of on site optimization and all the tags you need to optimize to make sure your content floats to the top of search engines.

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Extra: Meta Data and Tags

A deep dive in meta data and tags and how/where to find them.

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Writing for Discoverability – Keywords

How to write to make your content discoverable and the role keywords play in search these days.

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How to Leverage Images for Search

How to optimize and leverage images and tags to make sure they lead back to your blog or website.

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URL Structure and Slugs

An overview of how the incorrect URL structure can damage your SEO. Plus we'll talk about SLUGS (not the creatures, but the ones on the web).

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What is Off Site Optimization?

What is off site optimization? How to implement a strategy that results in high value links back to your site.

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Thinking Strategically About Content Marketing

How to think strategically about content marketing by joining forums, engaging in conversations and links back to your site.

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Mobile Optimization

How make sure your site is optimized for mobile devices, and why search engines will penalize you if you're not.

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Amazon Optimization

Why Amazon Optimization is Important

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How to Measure Your Results

If you can measure it, then you can improve it. In search engine optimization, measurement is critical to success. You can also download our Site Audit guide in this section. You will learn how to perform an SEO site audit of your website.