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Earth Day Must Reads!

In honor of Earth day this week, we have put together some books to help show our appreciation for our beloved planet.

After all, without it we wouldn’t have so many great books to begin with! From children’s to YA and adult, and from fiction to nonfiction, we have something for every reader:

  1. The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

Seuss, known for his great word play and rhymes wrote this great book about the environment crisis. The book revolves around a city where no trees exist and as they expand their town, they destroy the environment more and more. They continue to destroy until a little creature who is the protector of the forest comes to the city to show people the beauty and importance of the environment. This is a standard that everyone should have in their bookshelf, regardless of age.

  1. The Curious Garden by Peter Brown

A little boy who grows up in a dark, gray city where he finds a little garden and decides to take care of it. Eventually it begins to grow and creates a lush green world. Its illustrations are as great as its story line and it’s a great read with environmental themes.

  1. The Earth Book by Todd Parr

With its fun graphics and its bound paper made of entirely recycled materials, this is a great read that provides fun and easy ideas on how to have fun recycling.

  1. Recycle!: A Handbook for Kids by Gail Gibbons

This one is a great book that explains the process of recycling from start to finish, explaining what happens to cans, plastic, etc. from start to finish. It’s great for classroom education, as well as in the home.

  1. Washashore by Suzanne Goldsmith

A great young adult book, this one follows the story of a young girl who comes to stay on the island of Martha’s Vineyard with her mother. She doesn’t fit in until she finds a hurt Osprey, and nurses it back to help. After that Clementine dedicates her time to helping the endangered birds of the island. This story line mixed with her budding friendship with a boy named Daniel on the island has everything a young adult reader loves. It is a 2014 winner of the earth book awards.

  1. A Place for Turtles, written by Melissa Stewart and illustrated by Higgins Bond

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A great children’s nonfiction, this story follows the importance of the Turtle population in nature and explains to readers what happens to them with human action as well as inaction. It is also a 2014 winner of the earth book awards.

  1. Inside a Bald Eagle’s Nest: A Photographic Journey Through the American Bald Eagle Nesting Season by Teena Ruark Gorrow and Craig A. Koppie

A great young adult nonfiction, this book is a photographic books that follows the eagle through its nesting season. From hatched eggs, to gathering food for their young, these amazing photos educate and entertain. It is also a 2014 winner of the earth book awards.

  1. 365 Ways to Save the Earth by Pat Hilton

This is another great adult reader targeted book that does exactly what its title promises. It’s a great book to adults and children can read together in order to appreciate and take care of our great Earth.

  1. Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

This list wouldn’t be complete without this last one. It is the famous book that got DDT banned and started a line of revolutionary changes in our land, air, and water laws. The book started as three serialized excerpts in the New Yorker in 1962 and was later formed into a book. The author’s passion for stressing the importance of taking care of the environment is one that has continued to influence readers today.


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