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How to Submit Your Book to Apple (for iBooks – iPads, iPhones, iPods)

This is a question we are often asked at BiblioCrunch, “How do I get my eBook on iBooks?” Well here is your answer 🙂
Publishing through Apple is probably one of the trickiest platforms, but it is one of the big four distributors so it is worth learning. You can get into the Apple store through various distributors, BUT you lose the control of uploading and pricing.
Please note that in order to publish directly to Apple you will need to have a mac computer, if you do not have one consider borrowing one from family or investing in one yourself. Although Apple is not as big of a retailer as Amazon it is one of the key distribution sites and can be a big source of sales.
To submit your book to Apple (for iPads) here are a few steps.

  1. Make sure your eBook is ready to be published and distributed to the public.
    – Do you have a GOOD cover? -Remember your cover should look professional AND should be catching in thumbnail view as well as full view. After all readers will first see your book in the Apple store with only a thumbnail size cover image.
    – Has your book been through copy edits? This is important and worth the money, if your book has many errors you will not sell. It is as simple as that.
    – Do you have an ISBN number? You will need this. Visit to apply.
    -Is your book formatted properly for iBooks/iPad (.epub)? This is another very important step, if you are unsure of how to format your book consider hiring a format expert.
  2. Sign up to sell your content with a paid account on Apple’s iTunes Connect  (you will need a taxpayer ID for this).
  3. Wait for the conformation e-mail and continue setting up your account (this will require your bank information to set up payments and taxpayer reporting information).
  4. Once your account is set up with iTunes Connect download the iTunes Producer and iBookProofer.
  5. Upload your book and cover art in iTunes Producer.
    -Remember to check your book in all Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) to make sure your formatting looks good, if not tweet it until it shows up nice on all the devices.
    -Also make sure you take out any links to Apple competitors such as Amazon and B&N.
    -Consider creating a preview.
    -Make sure your cover meets Apple’s required dimensions (min 1400 pixels on a side).
  6. Upload your corrected .ePub using iTunes Producer and enter your book information.
    -Remember to make a thoughtful description, this is where you sell your book!
    -Make sure everything is exactly as you want it – typos in the description will likely be a deterrent to consumers.
    -Remember the importance of keywords and categories.
  7. Sell your book (in the Delivery pane, choose File-Save and Deliver, or press Command+D)!
    -And do not forget to log into iTunes Connect to check the status of your book.


Kate Tilton is the marketing associate for BiblioCrunch, an author assistant, and a book blogger.

You can connect with her on her websiteTwitter, or BiblioCrunch.


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