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#IndieChat – New Multimedia Production Tool Creatavist

This week on #indiechat Olivia Koski from The Atavist  will be our guest. Olivia will be talking about The Atavist’s new multimedia ebook production tool called @Creatavist. Olivia will be sharing details about authors can use their new ebook production tool which helps authors build ebooks and mobile apps.


Every week we host #indiechat. We invite industry experts and authors to discuss and share tips on the indie and publishing landscape. #Indiechat is held every Tuesday at 9pm EST. You can check out our previous chat logs on BiblioCrunch Storify.
Mercy Pilkington will be hosting from the @BiblioCrunch Twitter account. Bring your questions!

About Creatavist


Creatavist is a tool that allows anyone to produce beautiful multimedia stories for tablets and the Web.

Creatavist simplifies cinematic storytelling that combines video, animations, soundtracks, and interactive media. The cloud-based software allows simultaneous publishing across apps, the Web, and ebooks.  It also lets you produce and publish into your own branded app, giving you the ability to serialize or update your content, sell it by the piece, or launch subscriptions. Creatavist has been used by clients like TED Conferences, Dartmouth College, The Weather Channel, the Wall Street Journal, and The Paris Review to create unique app- and Web-based experiences. Creatavist is a product of Atavist, a media and software company in Brooklyn, NY.
About Olivia Koski:

Olivia Koski left a career in laser engineering to become a journalist. She was the first Atavist employee, and has produced 30 digital longform narrative stories for The Atavist. She is now Head of Community for Creatavist.

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