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Infographic: It is Never Too Late to Start Writing

The best thing about writing is that everyone is welcomed to do it.

No matter what age, gender, class in the end anyone who loves and writing has the potential to be a writer. With hard work, and practicing of your writing skill- as well as some great marketing promotional ideas- any person has the opportunity to become a writer. In recognition of that fact, here is an infographic from Julie Petersen, of the blog Ask Petersen, to show you the ages of some of our greatest writers of all time, and their journeys into writing:
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Article source: Essay Mama
This just proves it. You can do it too. Start writing today!! We are always here to help!
About Julie Petersen:
Julie Petersen is a blogger, private tutor and the author of essay writing blog Ask Petersen. Connect Julie on Linkedin and Twitter.


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