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Publishing News Roundup Series: Educational Institutions and Copyright Law

Should educational institutions be responsible for royalty payments to copyright owners?

Copyright is a powerful law. However, there has been a big fight when it comes to copyright fair use for educational purposes. Should these institutions be responsible for royalty payments? Or do they deserve to use the material freely?

Publishing- Not A Sprint

This week in publishing news

Canadian authors have been dealt a blow with their Supreme Court ruling that collecting royalties from educational institutions cannot be enforced. This is a long-running dispute going into its 10th year of wrangling after an amendment to the law saw educational institutions copying an estimated $150 Million worth of material with no compensation to the copyright holders.


If you receive a notice asking you to prove your right to publish your own work, what can you do? The Alliance of Independent Authors has a comprehensive article of advice for you. This is something to keep an eye on with some scammers claiming books and putting them on Audible without the creators knowledge. You might not have decided to make an audiobook but a scammer can see the opportunity. With the rise of AI voices getting better they don’t have to work very hard to do it either.


Mark Williams of The New Publishing Standard takes a look at Academic publishers, Pearson. Academic publishers don’t make a cent from the second-hand market which is where most students shop for books. But now they have a plan. Enter subscription. Now you don’t have to choose between rent and an academic textbook.


Have you been struggling to get back into a writing rhythm? Kristine Rusch has a great post on getting into the writing groove. Easy does it. Don’t go for broke.


Reedsy have a comprehensive article stuffed full of tips for anyone looking to find out about audiobook production and publishing.


If you are looking for critique partners check out Critique Circle


Dave Chesson has examined the A+ content blocks that Amazon are now offering and has written a comprehensive article on how to get the best out of the new bells and whistles.


Suzanne Lakin has a masterful breakdown of how to infuse micro tension in your story. She calls it the secret ingredient to the commercially successful novel.


In The Craft Section,

How do I include diverse people in fantasy worlds– Mythcreants


What do your characters falsely believe– Jami Gold


Revising your plot after your first draft- Becca Puglisi- Bookmark


The steadfast character arc- September Fawkes  Bookmark


Curiosity and tension in storytelling– Stefan Emunds- Bookmark


In The Marketing Section,

Unique content marketing ideas for August– Penny Sansevieri- Bookmark


Writing Author blogs – Anne R Allen- Bookmark


The best day to discount books– Bookbub


All about email lists– Reedsy- Bookmark


Do Ads work and How can you tell -SPF James Blatch- Interesting article


3 tips for a great cover reveal– Greer Macallister


To Finish,

It’s Olympic time and in amongst the spectacular achievements are the human interest stories that have all the elements of a riveting novel. You can always check Nownovel’s great post on 10 ways to write better plots and see if they match up.





Pic: Flickr Creative Commons – Peppe702


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