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Publishing News Roundup Series: The HarperCollins Strikes Continue

As HarperCollins Employees Speak Out, Others Voice Their Support

Voting With Your Feet

Using your voice is important in all facets of your life. It is important right now during the elections across the United States, and it is important in the publishing world. HarperCollins is the first to speak out, but as people voice their support, will more publishing house employees begin to push for a better work life in publishing?

In Publishing News this week,

HarperCollins employees go out on strike. They are asking for writers to support them by not submitting anything unless it’s contractual. Will other publishing firms follow suit? Publishers Weekly breaks down the issues and how HC is also facing a financial downturn.


Spotify is having a stoush with Apple over not making their audiobooks available to buy on the IOS app. Did Spotify really think Apple would sell their competitor’s books?


Publishers Weekly has a long-form article on publishing houses started by women and why they are different and successful.


Richard Charkin of Publishing Perspectives has updated his A-Z of publishing terms. Some of it is tongue in cheek and some is biting commentary on the state of the publishing world in the UK.


Kristine Rusch writes about the blame game in her How Writers Fail series. She also has some pithy commentary on the revelations from the S&S /PRH court case.


While you are wondering about the real sales numbers being admitted to by publishing execs… Jordan Pruett has a deep dive article into the workings of The New York Times Bestseller list.


Joanna Penn has a great interview on using tropes to strengthen your fiction with Jennifer Hilt, the author of The Trope Thesaurus-(My copy got snaffled by my daughter- I must get it back!) Read the transcript or listen to the podcast for some great ideas.


A M Cal from The Writing Cooperative has an interesting post on Embracing your bad ideas.

No idea you have spent time writing on is bad… maybe it’s time is not now.

In The Craft Section,

8 easy writing goals to accomplish before the end of the year.– Colleen Story- Bookmark


How to handle critique feedback- Suzanna Henshon


Making background characters pop out– September Fawkes- Bookmark


The craft of award winning microfiction– Amber Byers


How to free yourself from endless revision– Audrey Kalman- Bookmark


Conflict and Choices give agency to your characters- Becca Puglisi

In The Marketing Section,

Build an author website– Reedsy- Bookmark


5 tips to balance Book Marketing with writing– Colleen Story


Improve your publishing and marketing plan- Penny Sansevieri- Bookmark


Choosing author targets in Bookbub– Bookbub Insights


How to use social media effectively- Sandra Beckwith- Bookmark


To Finish,

Many writers and publishing professionals hang out on Twitter. There is something about the quick-fire pithy quote that appeals to us all. From MSWL’s from agents and editors to Pomodoro writing sprints or just writing gossip.


At the moment there is a big exodus happening from Twitter due to a billionaire takeover which has rapidly changed the website. Many authors are heading over to Mastodon which is a decentralized site.  Anna Featherstone has a great rundown on what is going on, advice about how to navigate the two sites, and why you shouldn’t delete your Twitter account.


Mastodon has servers dedicated to the writing community. You can still follow all your old friends and make some new ones.




Pic: Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash


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