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Sample Thank You Letters That Help You Get Reviews for Your Book

One of the easiest ways to get reviews for your book is by asking your readers! A lot of authors often forget this key step.

You don’t want to be one of *those* authors. You know the ones who are incessantly tweeting, over-promoting and basically being one of those jerks whose only purpose is to sell their books.
We all know them. The ones who jump into Twitter chats just to promote their books or spam you with emails.
Here’s a couple of ways you can engage your readers and ask for reviews elegantly. They’re so simple you can do them today.

  • Have a short note at the end of your book asking readers for a review.
  • Setup an author mailing list at the end of the book.

Thank you letter details to add at the end of the book:

Author’s Note
Thank you for joining me in telling the story of [description of your characters or your book]. I hope they touched your soul the same way they touched mine.
If you loved the book and have a minute to spare, I would really appreciate a short review on the page or site where you bought the book. Your help in spreading the word is greatly appreciated. Reviews from readers like you make a huge difference to helping new readers find stories similar to [name of title/name of characters].
*Link to my Amazon page:
*Link to my Barnes & Noble page:
*Link to my  iBooks page:
*Link to my Kobo page:
Thank you!
[Your Name]
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