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Spring Break Trips Through Book Reading

We all love spring break. But for most it is a time that in college was for adventure, yet now is for working and saving money.

However, we all know that has never stopped readers. Us readers know the secret to cheap airfare- reading. This spring break pop open a few books and then brag later to all your friends about all the trips you went on this break.

  1. Travel to Maine with Delirium by Lauren Oliver

If you’re looking for a woodsy getaway for the spring, this futuristic set novel really captures the wilderness that is Maine. A book about a future world where love is literally illegal is always an interesting read, and as the characters run to the forest for safety, you get a real nostalgia for the woodsy outdoors. Take your spring vacation with hills, hikes, and a heart wrenching action filled YA read.

  1. Do  to Texas with Dumplin’  by Julie Murphy

If the woods aren’t your thing, take a complete 180 and try out this book set in Texas. Much more balmy and warm then the woodsy setting of before, enjoy the sun while reading on a ranch style porch. This book is about a girl who, though she has a pretty good life, including an overprotective mother and adoring boyfriend, this character struggles to break out of a molded stereotype that she is put in because of how she looks. She decides to break that mold though competing in a beauty pageant, with her mom as a pageant coach. Break the spring break mold and travel to Texas-via book.

  1. Eat, Pray, Love in Italy, India, and Bali by Elizabeth Gilbert

Jumping all the way across a couple ponds, you can really get away. This book has an inclusion of three locations: amazing food-Mediterranean styled Italy, the crowded life-filled wonder of India, and the beautiful and amazing Bali. These are ultimate life goal trips which you can all do in one trip to the bookstore.

  1. Trek to Australia with The Light Between Oceans by L. Stedman

Another spring reading break idea is to go all the way down under to the lone continent-Australia. This book takes place in a remote town in a less populated area of Australia, which just adds to the book peace. Read this one lying in the grass or near the water to get a real feel for the book.

  1. Live the high life of vacation in New York City with The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald 

Traveling all the way back across the pond we travel straight to New York. What better trip to embark on than going to the big apple. Get a feel for the roaring twenties high life and maybe even throw a spring break party of your own to celebrate. After you get back from your book trip, of course.

  1. Have a romantic getaway in Georgia with Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

Move down south to the open skies of Georgia. What’s more peaceful than the beautiful state where the peaches grow? This is a porch swing book so if you have one, definitely read on it. If not, a park is the way to go. It’s a heart wrenching classic with the classic famous movie lines. This one is all but golden for a spring break trip book.

  1. Go on an amazing African safari with Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

This one is a sad book, but it’s imagery of Africa will put you right into the setting no matter where you are. Sit outside on a warm day and read this amazing book. You will immediately be transported to another place completely, no matter where you are.

  1. Take a fancy boat cruise with Tender Is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald in the French Riveria 

When you think of spring break trips, French Riveria is a literal life goal. Warm sun, romantic setting, and the aristocratic feeling you want when on vacation. Step into its fairy tale setting and get a feeling of an ocean breeze on your skin and the sand between your toes.

  1. Have a gothic travel experience in Switzerland and Germany with Frankenstein by Mary Shelly

Though this is a classic horror novel, Switzerland and Germany are themselves amazing places to go. Travel throughout all of places in the book’s journey and get an old fashioned creepy castle adventure for your spring trip. This is a trip like no other.

  1. Experience the dark side of the English aristocratic life with The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

Keeping up with the old fashioned feeling, travel to classic England and experience it aristocratic style. Still in the sense of a tad creepy, this book is full of all the emotions of seduction and greed that can keep you occupied for a long portion of your spring reading trip.

  1. Go on an epic once in a lifetime Brazilian adventure with The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon by David Grann

It’s only right to end with one more adventure book. This is the ultimate adventure book to end one’s reading journey. Uncover the mystery of the Amazon in Brazil and learn about a trip that is based on an actual adventurer. This is the ultimate way to brag to your friends about your spring break book adventures.
Now go out and explore! Read on! Time for some #springreading.


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