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Create a Successful Email Campaign for Authors in 4 Steps

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Readers are everywhere, but figuring out how to capture them and continue to have access to them sometimes feels like a Herculean feat. Don’t get overwhelmed by all the noise around author marketing. Start with something simple like getting your newsletter set up with an automated workflow that will capture your ideal reader’s attention by giving them content they love. By automating this process, you can continue to build your readership without constantly getting lost in marketing hell. Because we want to be writing more books, right?
Don’t let technology frighten you. It can be your best friend if you let it! Follow these very simple tips and get started automating your marketing and promotion efforts. You’ll be glad you did! When you are ready for more detailed¬†instructions, check out a blog post I wrote just for you.
For more author instruction, check out Learn Self-Publishing Fast and level-up your skills. You can also read more about book marketing here.


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