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Publishing News Roundup Series: How Is Amazon’s Return Trend Hurting Writers?

As readers keep returning purchases, writers lose sales.

Can we stop the new Amazon Returns policy?

Now that readers can return books on Amazon, writers are losing money. How can authors fight back to get Amazon to stop this new offer on their site?

In Publishing News this week,


Audiblegate… Version 2 ‘Here’s a cool trick to play,’ said Booktok influencers, Amazon lets you read the book and return it for a new one and you can keep doing it… and you won’t be charged.


Since Booktok influencers started sharing this ‘tip’, the rate of returned books has tripled. Authors are reporting that readers are reading an entire series, returning each book for the next one. Understandably this has authors hopping mad. There is a petition to sign to get Amazon to look at the problem and fix it- If the book is fully read there should be no refund.


With companies pulling out of Russia, how are the people of Russia coping? Their government is looking to make piracy legal. First up are entertainment companies.


Many authors are fond of podcasts, either listening to them or creating them. Substack, known for its subscription newsletters, is dipping a toe into the podcasting arena. Mark Williams reports that a battle is looming ahead for your ears with Patreon.


The Alliance of Independent Authors was started 10 years ago at the London Book Fair. They recently shone a spotlight on four of their authors and how they have succeeded in the last 10 years. 

Kris Rusch wraps up her dive into copyright. As ever she is a must read if only so that you can be a little bit informed as to what you can make money on.


Lisa Ellison had an interesting guest post on Jane Friedman’s blog about why your writing groups might be failing you. As you write you learn more and change your focus…is your writing group helping or hindering you?


Anne R Allen had a great post on writing secondary characters. Do your secondary characters try to take over the story? (yes) Anne has 5 tips to help you write great secondary characters who stay in their lane.


In The Craft Section,

How To Study Plot and Character- K M Weiland- Bookmark


Theme – the marrow of your story- April Bradley


Swearing in children’s books- Mary Kole


Adjectives- do you really need them– Kathy Steinemann- Bookmark


6 key qualities of the B story- September Fawkes – Bookmark


In The Marketing Section,

Ways to use video to engage with readers- Bookbub-Bookmark


Productivity hacks- Rachel Thompson


How to format a book using Microsoft Word- Bookmark


2 interesting posts from Thomas Umstattd, 10 reasons to delay your book launch and

How to promote using Goodreads


New advertising updates on Amazon – Penny Sansevieri- Bookmark


To Finish,

DIYMFA has an interesting post from Brittany Capozzi about the Vagus nerve and how it can be used effectively by writers. As I read this article I was struck by how familiar it felt to me. When you are writing an action scene do you find yourself mimicking breathing or facial expressions? (Thank goodness I don’t have a mirror near me.) Check out the article, it might turn you onto a neat trick to try when you want the muse to work harder.






Pic: Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash



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