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Publishing News Roundup Series: How to Do Research as a Writer

How do writer’s know how to do good research?


Research for writers

Research is a difficult, but important part of a writer’s job. But how can a writer guarantee that quality research? And where can they begin their research?


In Publishing News This Week,


Mark Williams of The New Publishing Standard shares his thoughts on The Alliance of Independent Authors tenth anniversary and he also has an interesting column on what’s coming down the track -publishing in the metaverse. 


Dipping a toe into the future is Joanna Penn, who previously had an interesting talk with a copyright attorney and they talked NFT’s, The Metaverse, and other publishing models and how contract law is changing. This is a meaty interview about copyright so make sure you have a long drink while you listen/read.


Writer Unboxed has a new kid on the roster Yasmin Angoe who writes about the eight lessons she has learned as a debut author.


Penny Sansevieri has an interesting post on Indiereader about baking in book marketing strategies as you write the book. A whole different way of thinking as you write, identifying angles for marketing.


Bookfairs are full of resources for the publishing professional but down at the coal face what does the writer rely on? Ruth Harris has organised an impressive list of resources to make research easy for the writer. Need a name, an historical detail, or a date… Ruth has you covered.


In The Craft Section,

How To Write A Blurb– Ruth Harris- Bookmark


Cliffhangers not just for the end of the book– Jami Gold


Character states- September Fawkes- Bookmark


Writer life inside and outside story universe– Seth Myers- Bookmark


Dealing with backstory– Janice Hardy


In The Marketing Section,

Step by step guide to author websites – Jane Friedman


10 ways to blog about your book– Amanda Zieba- Bookmark


Author press releases- Sandra Beckwith – Bookmark


Amazon ads for Traditional authors- Dave Chesson- Bookmark


Unique branding for April– Penny Sansevieri -Bookmark


To Finish,

If you are struggling check out Now Novels collection of group writing exercises.

The Alliance of Independent Authors founder, Orna Ross, has an enlightening article on the Author and The Creator Economy. It’s fascinating and full of mind food.






Pic: Photo by Hamza NOUASRIA on Unsplash



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