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True Love Stories from Popular Books

If there is one thing that us book lovers absolutely LOVE to read, its books with a great romance plot.

Romance has been a part of storylines since the beginning of writing and they will continue to be a part of them forever. Some of these romances have become iconic love stories that are read again and again. In honor of these infamous romances, below is a infographic by which highlights the endings of some of these great love stories. SPOILER ALERT: THIS INFOGRAPHIC REVEALS ENDINGS TO THESE BOOKS.
TheGreatSpoilerEndingsofFamousLoveStories The-Great-Spoiler-Endings-of-Famous-Love-Stories-1-3
Infographic brought to you by
Here is ANOTHER really great infographic. This one shows the most used words from the 10 of the most romantic love stories. Words from love to hate are all calculated on here, and you will be surprised to see the results:
Another infographic from


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