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Webinar 10/29: How to Get Reviews and Press For Your Book

I’m so excited to be introducing our second free webinar for Bibliocrunch members.
I’ve helped numerous authors get reviews and press. You can check out the links on the bottom to see some examples. At every conference I speak at, the most common question is “How do I get visibility for my book?”
So I thought I’d package all the information into one webinar. I’ll be teaching you tips and techniques on getting reviews and getting press for your book.
Overview of the course: How to get reviews and press for your book

Launching your marketing plan should always include reaching out to potential reviewers and press for your book.
This webinar will focus on:
1) Where to find book reviewers
2) How to reach out to book reviewers
3) How to send your ebook and print book to reviewers
4) How to identify press for your book
5) How to pitch a story to press
6) How to get featured by bloggers and media
7) Proven strategies that have worked on specific books
The webinar is free for all Bibliocrunch members.
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