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Learn to Silence Fear and Become a Brave Creative

Fear and self-doubt. Our fears are one of the loudest lies that we listen to.
I’ve been reading Tara Mohr‘s awesome book Playing Big: Practical Wisdom for Women Who Want to Speak Up, Create, and Lead and she tackles the concept of fear in such an amazing way. I discovered it the Business section of Barnes and Noble (yay for bookstores!) and picked it up after reading a glowing endorsement from Elizabeth Gilbert.
After I started reading Tara’s book, I stumbled across an interview she did with the rock stars over at Being Boss, Emily and Kathleen, and something Tara said really struck me in one of those lightbulb kind of moments.
Tara said (and I’m paraphrasing) that at some point she decided to be more loyal to her dreams than to her fears. You guys! This resonated into my bones.
Do you ever feel like you walk around peeking out from behind your fears? Maybe you have an exciting idea for a new novel or maybe an innovative way to approach your book marketing, but once the excitement of the new idea settles down to a simmer, your fears (via your inner critic that Tara talks about in her book) show up in a big way. And then you can’t quite see around those giant-sized worries to get to work on your new idea.
But ask yourself. Are you being more loyal to those fears than you are to your dreams? Tara does such an excellent job explaining why we feel fear, how our inner critic messes with us (and why!), and most importantly what we can do about it.
You should definitely check out her book. You won’t regret it. In the meantime, I encourage you to think about your dreams and your fears and really think about where you want to put your trust. What kind of energy do you want to spend time in? The positive, productive work of growing an idea or the negative, cower-inducing, scaredy-cat energy?
I’d rather feel powerful and strong than weak and timid.
Down with fear!
Write on, brave ones!
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