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The Book Marketing Summit – Everything You Need to Sell More Books

The Book Marketing Summit is here! Everything you need to know to market, promote, and sell your books

Do you wonder how some of the books at the top of the Amazon ranks get to be #1?
Wouldn’t you just love to sit down and grill some of those authors to find out exactly how they run ads, kick off launches, or get 1,000+ reviews on their books?
Well, my friend, Karen Dimmick, was thinking that exact same thing 6 months ago for her book, so she decided to grill 28 of the top book marketing experts in the industry, one topic each. She got all of them to spill their best secrets to help you market and sell copies of your book. Then she packaged it all together into The Book Marketing Summit, which starts on Jan 30th and is giving people access for free, for 48 hours.
It covers the A-Z of book marketing.
Why is this the best marketing conference you will attend all year? Karen implemented ALL the advice into her book.
The results? She’s currently sold over 3000 copies, is averaging over 45 sales a day, it’s been a bestseller for over 30 days. Not only has she tripled reviews she got from her launch team, she built her platform from scratch and already has several super fans with the book rising in the Amazon ranks.
Not bad when the average book sells less than 500 copies, and hers passed that in 23 days
All that using just some of what was covered.
So, grab your spot to The Book Marketing Summit and get the tips you need to get those reviews and sell more books.
Authors, every single session will be relevant to you and your book sales. PLUS there’s absolutely zero fluff. Each session gets right into the nitty-gritty details from the start.
What are you waiting for?
Miral Sattar


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