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3 Pro Tips to Turn Readers into Super Fans

We’ve all seen books, some seemingly unlikely ones, launch into the stratosphere. Even those penned by previously unknown authors. How does that happen?
It’s usually the combination of several factors: great writing, eye-catching covers, solid book descriptions, effective marketing. What if you’ve done all those things and your book still isn’t receiving the attention it’s worthy of?
We all long for the days when our books become household names like Game of Thrones or Outlander, right?
If you can turn your sometimes readers into Super Fans, you will be well on your way to helping your book go viral. Here are three tips you can begin using immediately to connect with readers in an authentic way!
Meet the readers There are many platforms where you can find your ideal reader: Twitter, Facebook, your own website, Instagram. Don’t only focus on getting high numbers of followers on these social media outlets. Seek to actually engage with your readers. One option that works well is to host a multi-author Facebook party. Gather several authors whose books have common themes and host an event with giveaways. Each author takes a time slot and offers freebies and games and trivia. During their takeover time, they meet and interact with party attendees. Authors can each contribute a small amount of cash for a big giveaway at the end of the party. This is a really great way to interact with readers around the theme of your book. I recently participated in one for my witchy cozy mystery that was a Summer Solstice party and had a great time talking to readers and asking them what they liked about the genre. We had great conversations and I was able to add subscribers to my newsletter and gain followers for my Author Facebook Page. The readers loved all the free swag and the chance to interact with real authors. It’s a win-win.
Build a relationship Once you’ve gone to the trouble to meet them, keep interacting with them. If you gave away a book, then reach out to that person in a few weeks and ask them how they liked it. Add them into your street team and offer them cover reveals, special giveaways, etc. Make it fun for them.
Keep them reading When a reader reaches out and tells you they liked one of your books, thank them, ask for a review, and offer another book in exchange for a review. My Super Fans read all my books, review with regularity, and are always eager to help me promote my books. They might even like me better than my own mother!
Keep in mind that you shouldn’t worry about making money on these Super Fans. Build the relationship with your readers and the sales will take care of themselves! Readers can tell when you are genuinely interested in them, so be authentic in your interactions!
Happy Writing!
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