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Halloween Books That Include Amazing Recipes

Halloween is all about the tasty treats.

Pies, cider, and candy of course! There is nothing better on a holiday than eating holiday themed foods. Getting the food in the festive spirit is the last step to a great holiday. And there are plenty of Halloween themed books that include these festive ideas for you.

  1. The Power of Poppy Pendle by Natasha Lowe

This book is a great series with a bunch of tasty recipes. Aside from the recipes it has an a great middle grade story about a girl who’s parents expectations of her being a great witch, is contradicting to her desire to be a baker. Along with this baking love are a ton of recipes that are great to make, especially around Halloween. Two other books in this series, The Courage of Cat Campbell and The Marvelous Magic of Miss Mabel are two other really great Halloween stories that also have tasty treats that readers can make. The whole Poppy Pendle series is worth checking out.

  1. Cranberry Halloween by Wende and Harry Devlin 

Though this is a book from the 80s, it is still a fun book to read and make cranberry dessert from. This book comes from the Cranberryport series, which include many themes and holidays. This is a read aloud book and the recipe is a story about a family coming together to raise money to fix up parts of the town that were destroyed by a storm. And who doesn’t love cranberries?

  1. Halloween! by Silver Ravenwolf

This story is a fun rhyming book all about the spirit of Halloween. It comes from the Holiday series of holiday books. Though it is a rhyming book, this one is worth a look. From fun activities to do with your kids, to laughable teachings of how to have a proper Halloween, there is a little bit of Halloween fun for everyone of every age. On top of the story, there are tasty recipe treats from candied apples to sugar snakes in graveyard dust. It all sounds super yummy.

  1. A Catered Halloween by Isis Crawford 

What goes great with a murder mystery? Food, of course! This is also the only one on our list that is a cozy adult mystery. This is another book from a series: A Mystery with Recipes series. The story is about two sisters who want to start a catering business, and get pulled into a murder mystery in order to get their start up business loan. And being about a catering business, there are a TON of recipes.

  1. Picky Little Witch, The by Elizabeth Brokamp

Back to fun children’s books with yummy recipes, here is one of the cutest. This is a story about a Mama Witch who makes a special Halloween soup for her little witch, but the pickly little witch refuses to eat it, only wanting to eat candy instead. A familiar story of a child wanting to eat only candy on Halloween, it’s a funny book to read between parent and child. And, of course, there is a tasty recipe for Halloween soup.

  1. The Harry Potter Mysterious but Delicious Recipes: Cooking with This Extraordinary Harry Potter Cookbook – Harry Potter Food Recipes for Halloween or Any Magical Occasions byRachael Rayner

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 10.10.24 PM
With every Halloween, it is always necessary to involve the best selling fantasy series in existence. This book has all the recipes from the magical eats of the wizarding world. Everyone should have this book on Halloween. I predict a Halloween party theme.


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