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How Authors Can Write Faster

Something every writer needs more of is time.

But what if it is not about time? What if it is about just writing faster? If that’s true, how can we do just that? Daisy Hartwell of shows us just that in her infographic below:
Time is your most valuable and yet most underrated resource. It is only when you run out of it that you shake your head in disbelief and ask, “How did this happen?”
For all kinds of writers, and especially for students, picking up the pace when writing, and putting together coherent sentences at a greater speed, can be quite a challenge.
And it’s no wonder when you find out why. According to psychologist Ronald Kellogg, there are three components to writing: your thinking skills, your memory capacity and your language sense. You must perform well on so many levels! How can you improve your abilities?
If you are looking for a place to start, we have an answer for you.
Check out our short list of 15 techniques that will give your writing an impressive boost!
These hints might seem simple enough, but after you try them, you will see that they do improve your writing speed. With these tips, you will develop some very practical habits for approaching writing assignments. You will also learn how to come to terms with using a schedule, viewing it as a helpful personal guide and not as a merciless tyrant.
Check out this infographic and speed up your writing like never before!
-Daisy Hartwell of, “15 Ways to Write Faster.” 


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