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How an unknown author got 100,000 new readers with a marketing plan

We all know how hard marketing your own book is. Painful even.
We had VIP Member, author *Nicole, come to us a year ago. A freelance project manager had just offered to manage her social media for $5,000/month.
$5,000/month was out of the question. Nicole needed a cheaper option.
We asked her the following questions:

  • What is the freelancer’s experience marketing books?
  • How many authors has this person managed?
  • What were the results of the freelancer’s other marketing campaigns?

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 12.17.26 PM
Surprisingly the freelancer had no experience marketing books, Nicole would be her first author, and there were no results for Nicole to measure against.
We told Nicole to save her money and put it towards a vacation. Instead, the Bibliocrunch team helped Nicole put together her marketing plan.
Having a marketing plan makes such a big difference when launching your book. (Don’t make these 10 book marketing mistakes. )
We had Nicole jot down her goals and put dates against when she wanted things to get done. With her goals and dates, we were able to devise a marketing plan that Nicole could execute herself over a period of 6 months.
Using her marketing plan, Nicole was able to get 100,000 new readers for her book in those 6 months. Now she has over 80 reviews on Amazon and her book is selling well.
“I was very happy with the VIP Service and the reviews I got from the Bibliocrunch network. They helped rocket my book up the best-seller list.” – Nicole
So what’s the lesson? Always do your research, ask the right questions and use a marketing plan. You can also download Nicole’s sample marketing plan by becoming a VIP Member for just $1 with our special promotion.  Get your one month of VIP Membership for $1 by using the code VIP15 when you sign up. This offer expires Friday, August 7th, so sign up soon!  (When you become a VIP the marketing plan link will be emailed to you).
Have questions? Do get in touch!
Keep Calm and Write On,
Miral Sattar and the Bibliocrunch team
How Bibliocrunch works:
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